Thursday, 1 August 2013

22nd April 2103 - Breakfast at Butterfinger

Two more days before flying back. It is always so depressing at the thought of leaving Korea but I am very happy and excited today. 무엇이 나를 이렇게 행복하게? 나는 재 오늘 오후에 만나고 있기 때문에 ^^ Yay! Sometimes, I feel that my so called "frequent trips" back home has become a burden to 재 becos I am taking away his rest time to meet me. As much as I feel bad about it, deep inside I'm jumping with joy whenever I get to see 재 ^^ 너무 그리워. Of course, coming back to my second home twice a year is definitely not frequent to me at all. I wish I can stay here forever!  Let me forget what's going to happen two days later.  I just wanna think of today!  

I took the subway to Gangnam station, exit 10 for breakfast at Butterfinger. I am back becos I miss their pancakes! Some changes when I came out from exit 10 but the direction is still the same as shown in this link: Getting to Butterfinger at Gangnam.
Walk straight after you turn to your left at THE BODYSHOP.
Butterfinger is not far from here as shown by the arrow.

This waitress is very very cute ^^

I ordered the BlueBerry Pancake (KRW7200).
Hmm...I love blueberry but this is not nice.
I prefer the plain pancakes ㅠㅠ

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