Sunday, 11 December 2016

13 Nov 2016 - Nonghyup supermart

So happy to discover a Nonghyup supermart beside my motel!!
My Korean friend told me she likes to shop at NH cos they sell real organic food.
I bought 우엉차 Burdock tea ^^ Cos my Korean friend gave me some to try and I love it. Just drop about 2 pieces into boiling water and drink it like drinking plain water. She told me Koreans love to drink this cos good for blood circulation. My friend drink it daily cos she has cold hands cold feet easily. She also told me its good for bowel system(not sure if I got her right lol) If you want to ask the staff in the supermart where to find this, you can say "우엉있어요? 차마시는거요." I forgot to say the second sentence and the staff showed me the whole piece of Burdock lol
I can well afford supper tonite hahaha
My supper of garlic butter baguette with cheese Makgeolli
Yummssss ^^

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