Sunday, 18 December 2016

14 Nov 2016 - Trying out 청국장 Cheonggukjang for the first and last time

On my way to have lunch.
From Jongno 3ga station, exit 5, I made a right turn.

You will see this building (낙원악기상가 Nagwon Instrument Arcade) when you turn right. 
Walk towards the place as shown by the arrow.

Go down. 
Walk through the door. my surprise ^^
It is an underground market selling food and grocery.

Quite a small market.

After walking several rounds, I finally found the eatery, 일미식당
It was hidden at a corner.
I think the unit no. was 148.

They used to have 해물 된장 찌개 Seafood Doenjang Jjigae ...
So sad they dun have it anymore.
But a lot of their customers came here for their 청국장 Cheonggukjang (The first dish on the menu).
The second dish is stir fried octopus, for two person.
The third dish is stir fried pork, for two person as well.

The first thing that welcomed me was the horrible smell of Cheonggukjang!! I could smell it at the entrance of the eatery. I have been contemplating to try Cheonggukjang for years hahaha Finally, made up my mind after much assurance from my Korean friends that the smell will not stick onto my clothings. Oh my god, it was so smelly that I almost wanted to leave. No wonder people said it smell like stinky wet socks.  Errr...wanna puke at the thought....
I waited till most of the customers left.

It looks ok as contrary to the smell.

This is definitely healthy food. Some people commented the one who cook this has forgotten to add salt but I don't think so. Well, I have tried and won't be eating this again lol Many of my Korean friends, including my airbnb host do not like Cheonggukjang! If you have tried Cheonggukjang before, do drop a note here ^^

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