Sunday, 18 December 2016

14 Nov 2016 - Back again

I reached Yongsan station at about 11am.  Took the subway to Seoul Station to collect my luggage from the Travel Premium Centre and made my way to Hongik Univ Station, exit 4 for my accommodation. Yup, as always I booked an Airbnb apartment in Hongdae. There was a guest who checked out in the morning and my host was on the way to clean up the apartment. He allowed me to deposit my luggage in the apartment first. 

Light drizzle when I reached Seoul and it lasted almost the entire day.

Not sure if you find this slope familiar. My accommodation for this trip was one of the apartment in this building. Coincidentally, I also stayed in the same building but a different apartment in 2014 My accommodationI didn't know my accommodation would be in this building again when I booked. I did asked my host about the location before booking but perhaps he did not really understand what I was asking. I love staying here, everything except this slope. Cos I have a heavy luggage.  I am fine with slopes and stairs but not when I have a heavy luggage. The challenge is going downslope with my heavy luggage. One can chose to use the lift instead of the slope but if you chose the lift, you got to climb two flights of stairs.  The host is quite new to Airbnb when I first booked and hence not many reviews. All the reviews at that time was "VERY GOOD location and VERY GOOD host".  I came to know about the location about 3 weeks before check in......that was when my host emailed the details and map to me...
So dark when I came out from the lift.
Well, it was not always like this during my stay.
Dark maybe becos of the rain???
During the day, the lights will be off. 
I think there was only 2 days during my stay where it remained so dark even at nite.

I could hardly see where I was walking. 
I had to switch on the touch light function in my mobile phone.

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