Monday, 26 December 2016

15 Nov 2016 - 서울숲

The day started off with a visit to Seoul Forest.
Took the subway to Seoul Forest Station, exit 3.

Cleaner's thought : Omg...when can I ever finish sweeping up all the leaves??
Tourist's thought : 아줌마!! Dun sweep the floor!!! 하지마!!!
When I first saw the big patch of yellow, I was so excited until she starting sweeping.
I really felt the urge to shout out to 아줌마...안돼....!!!

In the culture since young ^^

Surprised to see Greens!!

Love these trees so much that I could stay here for half a day just by looking at them lol

Wishing you a blissful marriage ^^

Its time to leave.
Nothing much but it was really nice to be here in this weather ^^


  1. Hahahahaha...... The same thought when I went to Tokyo back in December. I saw row and row of ginko tree in Shinjuku with all the yellow leaves fallen stacking up on some of the street.

  2. Nice post and nice pics indeed! You came to Seoul Forest at mid nov, right? If I plan to go there around late oct, will I also spot thoses autumn vibes?

    1. Hi! I saw nicer pics taken during the period of 1st wk Nov. Not sure about end Oct though.