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13 Nov 2016 - Naejangsan here I come!!

Bus no. 171 time table 
I wanted to wake up at 6.30am to start hiking early but woke up much later...
This bus stop is outside Daiso next to Paris Baguette. 
Jeongeup Train station circled in red.  New Prince Tourism Motel in Blue.
The bus stop for bus no. 171 is somewhere along the Blue line(as shown in picture).
However, when I took bus no. 171 back, it dropped us somewhere near the Red line.
The bus was pretty punctual.
I got on the bus at 8.58am and used T money to pay for the fare.

Reached here at 9.32am.
The bus stop was opposite Cafe Brown.
Not sure where to go, I took the  route as shown in the picture.
It turned out to be the correct route ^^
Saw lots of tourists from China.
Long queue but fast.
 It didn't take long to get a ticket.

   I got myself a map from the Tourist Information Centre just before queuing for the 
   ticket. I wanted to try the route as highlighted in red in this picture but I didn't manage 
   to visit Wonjeokam. 
Entrance ticket 3000won.
So excited!!

Saw a bus stop right after I paid for the entrance ticket.

I am not sure where the buses go to but I decided to walk instead of taking the bus. 

I wanna enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful scenery as much as I could ^^

Saw the cable car station.

I did not record how long I took from the ticket entrance to reach here.

Well, I spend a lot of time taking pictures ㅎㅎㅎ
Seriously, the surroundings was so beautiful that you will not notice how much you walk.

Long queue and that's not all....

Super long queue....
I knew it would be a long queue unless I arrived much earlier. 

I walked on ^^

It was cold but I felt so blessed to have such nice weather.

So blessed to have such awesome scenery

So blessed to be here ^^
날씨가참좋다 ^^

Naejangsa Naejang Temple.

Always attracted to their vibrant colors ^^

Saw this insect and so surprised to see a heart shape on it!!

There were many of these insects!

He has a great voice and he sang English songs really well.

Continue walking

Until I reached here....
Not sure where to go but seems like most people went up (on the right as shown in the picture).

    I was contemplating whether to hike up 불출봉 Bulchlbong Peak a not. It does not have the most difficult hiking route but not very easy for beginners. I always enjoy hiking in Korea very much and have hiked a few mountains before, but I considered myself as a beginner becos I hardly exercise in Singapore lol

불출봉 Bulchlbong Peak course - Intermediate ....

Heck lah...just do it!!
I think I will regret if I didn't do a proper hike up.

At last...I saw light....I saw hope....

Reached here at 13.02.  
You will reach here faster than me becos I spent a lot of time taking pictures.


So thankful to be here ^^

Trying to get the best view ㅋㅋㅋ

Proof that I have been here Hahahaha

Made my way down and passed by Byeongnyeonam 벽련암

Making my way down. 
By now my legs felt like jelly...
But I was very very happy that I came here and managed to hike up Bulchulbong Peak^^

Saw the bus stop and decided to take the shuttle bus to the entrance hahahah
Yeah....So tired....
Reached here at 14:53.

Long queue for the bus ticket but it was very fast. 

I did not wait long to get a ticket.

1000 won for the bus ticket.

Long queue for the shuttle bus too but there were many shuttle buses so one need not wait long. 

I got one the shuttle bus at 15:03 and reached the entrance at 15:07.

Passed the entrance and walking to the bus stop.
I think due to the festive season, they had this temporary set up of stalls. 

    For return trip to Jeongeup station, it is the same bus stop to take bus no. 171 (as shown by the arrow)

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