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23 Nov 2016 - Dropping by Myeongdong for a while

Dropping by Myeongdong for a while
예쁘다 ^^
너무 예쁘다.
So cold yet I just want to be here ^^

Many seafood stalls and I decided to go for this.
15000 won I heartpain...

Eat once can already.
Not bad but not worth the price.
Maybe can only see this during winter or late autumn?

This colorful multistorey car park is a useful landmark whenever I want to look for the money changer that I usually go to.
This is the money changer I usually go in Myeongdong. I will still survey around the place before coming here to change money cos it still offers a better rate. I think there is another money changer(somewhere in the centre of Myeongdong) located inside a pharmacy that offers almost the same rate as this money changer. I can't point out the exact location though. 미안..
The colorful multistorey car park as depicts by the star, while the money changer is somewhere along the red bar as shown on map. I am not very sure of the exact location. Hopefully I have marked the correct location. 

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