Saturday, 22 July 2017

23 Nov 2016 - Hanging out

Heading to one of my favourite spot in Seoul. 
 I have mentioned this place before if you remember.  
Saw a lot of these and regretted not buying it ㅠㅠ
I bought this instead ^^
Craving for hotteok ^^
They have more varieties now.
Feeling so guilty to eat this...
I find that the size has shrinked a bit lol
I like red bean paste but I regretted getting this.
I prefer the one with veggie filling.
The blue arrow shows the entrance of Insadong main street from Anguk station, exit 6. Anguk Station, exit 1 is the nearest exit to reach 삼청동 호떡 Samcheongdong Hotteok as shown by the dotted line. The map did not reflect an accurate location of 삼청동 호떡 Samcheongdong Hotteok. The star marks the correct location of the shop.

From 삼청동 호떡 Samcheongdong Hotteok, I like to window shop along the alleys as shown by the dotted line.
Maybe I will explore further when I am back in Seoul again. 

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