Saturday, 22 July 2017

23 Nov 2016 - Yummy 김밥쌈 Kimbap ssam for lunch ^^

Here for a late lunch.
Have been looking forward to come here for so long!
남도 분식

I think the sotong (aka cuttlefish) as shown in the picture (top left) 오순떡 is the most popular item on the menu among the locals. Check out the sotong in this blog
Stir fried pork slices with lettuce and Kimbap! 7000won.
My god...I want to go back now!!!
So yummy that I have to upload an upclose picture lol
The garlic slices were so crispy and fragrance that I was tempted to ask for more!!
Everything tasted so yummy!!
The nearest subway station is Gyeongbukgong station, exit 2.  Tongin Market 통인시장 is circled in red. I suggested taking the route as shown by the dotted line to reach the eatery becos you can see more things by walking through the alleys. I think it took me less than 10 mins from exit 2 to reach the eatery.  You can also walk your way up to Suseong Dong Valley 수성동 계곡 

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