Sunday, 23 July 2017

24 Nov 2016 - 누구세요??

Stumbled upon some tall Korean guys in black and walking in a group.  Took a second look cos they looked like some kind of celebrities.  When I looked up, I saw a group of fans waving at them.  Ok, these guys must be some newbies.  I snapped some pictures and sent to my friends but nobody knew them.  Let me know if anyone of you know who these guys are. 

Many people were snapping pictures of these guys. I heard one Korean Ajumah asked the manager who are these guys. The manager was very friendly and polite(maybe becos they are newbies lol) to reply her but I couldn't hear the group name clearly. I asked two very excited looking Korean Ajumahs who are these guys. They laughed and replied me "몰라". Whahahahaa they did not know as well!!

I think newbies will want people to take many pictures of them for awareness lol

This marks the end of my Autumn 2016 trip. 
I finally managed to finish my updates but still have to update for Spring 2017 hahahaha
Due to my long working hours, nowadays I just want to laze around at the air bnb apartment whenever I am back in my second home.
Wanted so much to explore outside Seoul but no energy to do so ㅠㅠㅠ


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    1. High five back to u, Anuj. Thank you very much for the honour though I dunno if I deserve it. The other bloggers are really good. Once again, thank you very much.