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22 Nov 2016 - One of the filming location in "On the way to the airport"

I love the drama, "공항 가는 길" so much that I wanted to check out the filming locations in the drama. So looking forward to today's itinerary ^^

Took the subway to Noksapyeong station, exit 2 for my destination.
Thanks to for the direction but I walked instead of taking the bus.

In awe as I saw this view.
Many passers-by stopped for a moment to take pictures of the view here ^^

Passed by 남산야외식물원 Namsan Botanical Garden
Hmmm...never been there before maybe I can check it out next time.
Continue walking.
It was pretty cold but refreshing to walk ^^

Actually there were a few roof top restaurants.
I think it would be so nice to chill out at these roof top restaurants during Summer.

I saw this on my left(obviously) and I walked down the slope.
I was not sure if walking down the slope will lead me to my destination.
I think so it will but I did not proceed lol
I walked up back to the main road and continued walking.
Saw the Seoul Tower and the church???
I had a feeling I was pretty close to my destination!
So excited!!
Snapped a few pictures before I walked back to the main road.
The tower on the right in the picture is the church that appeared in the drama.

After walking for a few mins, I saw another down slope.

I turned left and walked down the slope.

Walking down the slope.
This was the ginkgo nut that people said cannot step on it becos of its pungent smell  >_<

This building made of glass walls caught my attention lol
My destination was just a few steps away from the glass building!
Yay! I found it ^^


The surroundings.
Actually I was still in doubt whether I found the correct building a not cos no feel when I stood here hahahaha
I couldn't feel the drama.
That was when I really salute the editors, scriptwriter and everyone behind the scene.

That flight of stairs ^^

It was only when I stood at this junction, all the memories and feelings of the drama started to pour in.
안녕 ㅠㅠ
Waving good bye to this beautiful place.
This was the route that I took from Noksapyeong station, exit 2 to Liz Balcony
I think I took a longer route but couldn't remember how long I took.
Less then 30 mins perhaps??
It was a pretty nice leisure walk becos of the views along the route ^^

I walked back to the junction to get to Haebangchon.
Cos I heard that there are a lot of eating places and cafes there.

The dotted line in Blue was the route I took to Haebangchon.

Lots of eating places here but I did not check out any of them. 

I think this was the church in the drama?

Just walking around the place but nothing much to me but I think I will come back again to explore more lol

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