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25 April 2017 - Very satisfying brunch before flight!!

Woke up late and rushed off to Gongdeok for brunch before checking out the apartment.
The eatery was at the basement.
I am at the right place when the eatery is shown on the directory ^^
황태해장국 was very easy to locate. Turn right after you reached the end of the stairs and you will see the eatery. I wanted to come here becos I saw many locals come here for the Fish Haejangguk. Korean bloggers stated the operating hours as weekdays, 7.30am to 7.30pm and Sat,7.30pm to 2pm.  I love the fact they are open early but not too sure whether this information is accurate a not since I reached here almost 11am.
I ordered the first item on the menu, 황태해장국 Hwangtae Haejang Guk.
The second item is 황태떡(만두)국 
Hwangtae teok(Mandu)guk, which I think its dried fish with rice cake & mandu soup.
The third item is 황태냉면 
Hwang Tae Neng Myeon which I think is dried fish with cold noodle.
You can click on this
blog for the picture of cold noodles with dried fish.
It got very crowded during lunch time.
Fortunately, I reached here before the crowd built up.
This was really good and I will certainly go back again!

I cannot forget the taste!
I was very happy that I managed to have such a satisfying meal before leaving Korea.
It took me about 10 mins to reach the eatery from Gongdeok Station, exit 1.

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