Wednesday, 30 October 2013

6 Oct 2013 - A long awaited trip!

Almond cream cheese bagel for breakfast.
At last, I had a nice bread from PB ^^

So what's my itinerary for the day??

맞다!  A day trip to Andong ^^ 
A very much long await trip. It was the last day of Andong International Mask Dance Festival 안동국제탈춤페스티벌 and I hoped to check out the festival. I left the guest house at 6.20am and reach Dong Seoul Bus Terminal at 7.15am. Direction to Dong Seoul Bus Terminal can be found here. Bought my bus ticket at 7.17am for the bus that departs at 7.30am. Bus ticket cost KRW16,500.

As always, locate the platform.

Locate your seat.

The bus departed at 7.30am sharp.
  It stopped only once at Jechon Service Area for a 5 min toilet break at 9.10am.

Nice and peaceful surroundings. 
Unlike tour buses, where there will be a tour guide to make sure that everyone is back before the bus proceed to the next destination. Such buses will not have anyone to go around doing headcounts. If you wish to go to the washroom, make sure you return fast.

I love the sky...
 I love the clouds...

View from the bus

Reached Andong Bus Terminal at 10.16am.
 The bus ride took about 2 hours 44mins.

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