Tuesday, 29 October 2013

When I miss Korean food...

Last Saturday evening, I tried cooking 부대찌개 using this soup base bought from Lotte Mart. Its so easy and tasted like HOME!!! If I did not remember wrongly, it cost KRW3000 per pack. 

One pack is a serving for 3 people. I used about 850ml of water for one pack, although it says 600cc of water. Go slow with the amount of water. Taste first before you decide to add more.

I added prawns, sotong aka squid, toufu, spam, hotdog, fishballs, chives, two types of mushrooms and 라면 ramyeon

잘 먹고!


  1. you are making me hungry TT looks so nice. good idea to grab some of this too! thanks for sharing ^^

    1. Hahaha I think hor...u will need to spend a day in the supermarkets Hahahaa :P

  2. i feel that i dont need a supermarket shopping list anymore. i shd just go to every shelve and look one by one! i fear maybe need 1.5 days (happy but means lesser time for other things!) for the various supermkts!