Tuesday, 29 October 2013

5 Oct 2013 - Beautiful nite

Earlier that afternoon, my friend 란 told me that she managed to find a good spot around 원효대교 Wonhyo Bridge to view the fireworks with her friend. She sent me this picture of the crowd there and that was about 2.37pm. Speechless when I saw the picture...I have expected the crowd but never thought there will be so many people with tents in this hot weather.

After a good dinner at 먹쉬돈나 Mukshidonna, we took the subway to Gongdeok station to transfer subway to Yeouido stationOnline information said to take Yeouinaru Station, exit 4 or Yeouido Station, exit 5. However, I think Yeouinaru Station might be flooded with people and the subway might not stop at the station due to the crowd. Therefore, I thought it would be better to take the subway to Yeouido Station and walk over to 원효대교 Wonhyo Bridge. Unfortunately, I was totally WRONG! 
We were taken aback by the crowd at Gongdeok station. Believe it a not, three quarter of the platform was packed with people waiting to take the subway towards the direction for Yeouido/Yeouinaru station. Two trains came along but only a few people managed to squeeze into the cabin. 

The fireworks festival was the reason why I flew back home in early October, so I did not want to give up my plan to watch the fireworks. On the other hand, I was not sure how to get to Yeouido from Gongdeok by foot although Gongdeok Station is only two stations away from Yeouido Station. Jo suggested to walk to the fireworks site with the help of GPS using his ipad. That was about 7.10pm.

We got out from Gongdeok Station, exit 3. Jo looked like a Fengshui master from the way he held his ipad trying to receive GPS signals. It was difficult to receive GPS signals as we were surrounded by tall buildings. Before he can receive any signals, we heard the sound of fireworks from afar and off we ran towards the directions of the sound! Not long later, we saw some flashes of lights and pick up our pace towards that direction. It was not only us but quite a few Koreans did the same too. Actually, it was quite fun and exciting ㅎㅎㅎ  We were not sure where we were heading to but I saw Mapo Station along the way. 

Watching the fireworks by the main road.
Although this was not a good spot to watch the fireworks, but I was very contented ^^

Pardon me for lousy pictures.  I could not take good pictures at night...

Besides the fireworks, the other memorable experience was the crowd that turned up for the festival. There were just too many people. I could not imagine how it was like at Yeouido and Yeouinaru until 개 told me his experience 10 years old.

It can be quite romantic if you can ignore the crowd around you..

In Singapore we called this,"No Government". This is so dangerous. People climbed up and stood on those barricades to get a better view. What if they lost their balance and fell off??

We were shocked to see the number of people on the bridge behind us. We decided not to wait for the last fireworks show as we wanted to avoid the crowd. It was a tough decision because the last show was by my beloved, Korea. Perhaps everyone is thinking the same thing, and many people did not wait for the last fireworks show. Don't be mistaken. There were still many people who stayed behind. We have forgotten the population in Korea is soooo much more than our little red dot ㅋㅋㅋ 
Mapo Station, exit 4 is the nearest exit to where we stood to watch the fireworks. Walk straight from exit 4 for about 10 mins and you will see the bridge. I wonder what bridge is this. Is this Mapo Bridge since it was near Mapo Station?? 
Will I want to watch the fireworks again?  Yes. I don't mind.

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