Monday, 28 October 2013

5 Oct 2013 - My accommodation for the next 15 nights

We went back to our hotels to check in after our visit to Lotte Mart. The couple stayed in City Hall area while I stayed in Hongdae. Meeting them again in a few hours time for early dinner cos I wanted to check out the 서울세계불꽃축제 Seoul International Fireworks Festival. For years, I wanted to check out this festival but never had the chance cos the festival is usually held on the first week of October. 
Ok, now back to Boa Guesthouse. I went back for official check in. Paid a KRW10000 deposit for the security card to my room. This is refundable at the end of the stay.

My room was on the 5th floor.
I noticed there were CCTV everywhere which made me feel safe and secured! HHahahaaa
First impression of the room??
Clean and more spacious than I expected!
It was slightly bigger than the other guest houses I have stayed before in Seoul.

Happy with my room ^^

The bed and blanket were one of the reasons why I liked Boa Guesthouse. I am not sure but I think they will change their blankets according to the season. I saw from FB in late Sep or early Oct that they are changing to winter blankets becos its getting cold.

No proper wardrobe to hang my clothing ㅜㅜ

Things I like about Boa Guesthouse :
  1. Able to control the air conditioning using the remote control. (Super important to me cos I really dislike those with only centralised air conditioning system.)
  2. White lightings.
  3. Very clean.
  4. Comfortable pillow and blankets.
  5. Friendly and helpful staff. 
  6. FB account is frequently updated with food, events, weather and happenings around the guest house and in Seoul. 
  7. Prompt reply.
  8. Ease of accessibility.
  9. Elevator in the building. (So important when I have a big luggage)
  10. Free international calls using their phone at the dinning area.
  11. Wide varieties for food delivery.
  12. Very reasonable and affordable price.
Things I don't like about the guest house :
  1. The incident that happened on my 4th night stay in the guesthouse. (Stay tuned)
  2. Housekeeper talking loudly along the corridor on the 5th floor at around 7.30am daily. (I stayed on the 5th floor but this is not an issue to me becos I'm usually awake by then. Despite this, they are really really nice people! Trust me ^^)


  1. Hello! Just wanna say that your blog has been a useful resource and source of inspiration for the planning of my various trips to Korea! Same as you, my friends and I love Korea a lot too and kind of understand how you feel towards Korea! Haha, I think we have been to Korea around the same period - I was there for the first time in Oct 2011, April 2012 and Oct this year again! Coincidentally, my friend and I were staying in BoA too during the period you were there, though not as long as you did cos it was just a short trip for us this time round ^_^. I think a place you can check out next time is Garden of the Morning Calm in Gapyeong since you seem to like Nature (not sure if you have been there before) alot. :) I went there last Spring and the place was really pretty with all the flowers blooming. The only day trip we did this time round was a day trip to Jeonju Hanok Village, which was pretty nice as well. Continue blogging on your trips to Korea ya cos it's really enjoyable to read your blog and the stuff you shared are really useful as well. =)

    1. Halo ^^ Thanks for dropping by. Hahaaa seems like we were in Korea in April and Oct since 2011! What a coincidence! Oh yes! I love the nature. Garden of the Morning Calm is on my list but yet to have the chance to check it out. Korea is so big, isn't it?? Thanks for your compliment. Keep blogging sure! Hahahaaa

  2. Yup, cos April and October (Spring and Autumn) are the prettiest seasons to visit Korea I guess, though it seems like the autumn foilage came later this year as compared to what I saw in 2011! :(( Btw, it takes a train ride and a bus ride from an ulu bus station in Cheongpyeong to Garden of the Morning Calm ^_^. Yup, Korea is really big and full of gems to be uncovered indeed. There's still quite a lot of places that I want to check out, like Gangchon Railbike Park, and some of the places in the south like Suncheon Bay, Yeosu, Daegu etc. :) Hope you discover more amazing things on your future trips to Korea as well! :D

    1. Ya prettiest and I find spring and autumn the most romantic seasons in korea. Thanks for sharing on e directions to the garden of morning calm! The rail bike is also something that I hope to try one day, but its hard since I traveling alone most of e time and I enjoy solo traveling a lot hahaaa
      Yeosu. ..I miss yeosu. Dun know why, but i really like the place. Didnt have a chance to explore it ㅠㅠ I hope u get to explore the places u want in the near future ^^