Friday, 25 October 2013

5 Oct 2013 - 냠 냠

The couple wanted to book the shuttle bus to Nami Island, so we walked over to Insadong for Nami Island Seoul Center 남이섬 서울센터. The center is opposite Starbucks.  Saw 북촌손만두 Bukchon Son Mandu at the corner and decided to have a light snack here before we walked over to Jongno Tower for lunch at Yeolbong Jjimdak 열봉찜닭.

북촌손만두 Bukchon Son Mandu has several outlets in Seoul.

기 만두 Meat Mandu and Bibim Guksu were not available, so we ordered 야채 만두 Vegetable Mandu and Fried Prawn dumplings.

야채 만두 Vegetable Mandu.
Not bad.

Fried Prawn dumplings.
미안 해요. I can't recall the price. I think the total bill was around KRW6000.

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