Sunday, 24 May 2015

5 April 2015 - Mom's Touch 맘스터치

My morning starts with breakfast or rather brunch at Mom's Touch 맘스터치 ^^
Have wanted to try out Mom's Touch for so long and finally I got the chance!
The unique wrapping left a deep impression in me.
My Canju mango sauce fried chicken burger!
Super tasty and juicy chicken!!

The burger at Mom's Touch tasted so much better than the burgers from Lotteria!! We came here again at night for supper after my friends heard me raving about its burger. We saw people eating fried chicken which looked so damn delicious! Please try Mom's Touch if you come across it. I think Mom's Touch has outlets in Seoul as well but I don't really notice them.
I think they opened around 10.30am??
They do not have a breakfast menu. 

BTW, this outlet is about 2 mins walk from Angel Hotel.

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