Thursday, 28 May 2015

6 April 2015 - I'll be back, Busan!!

It was drizzling when I checked out the hotel, so I decided to call for a taxi to the airport. Yeah, I didn't want to wait in the rain for the airport limousine bus becos there's no shelter at the bus stop. The hotel helped me to call for the taxi and I got on the taxi at 9.45am. Starting fare was 2800won. I forgotten to tell the taxi driver that I wanted to go to the Domestic Airport and he dropped me off at the International Airport at 10.08am. The fare was 13600 won. Fortunately, the Domestic Airport was next to the International Airport. About 4 mins walk. 
By the way, the taxi passed by this yellow patch of field on our way to Gimhae Airport. I asked the taxi driver if this is 대저생태공원 Daejeo Ecological Park. He replied,"예." I have always wanted to check out Nakdong River Rapeseed Flower Festival but didn't manage to. This will be the reason for me to be back again in Busan!!
My breakfast at Gimhae airport.
Seoul, here I come!!

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