Monday, 11 May 2015

3 April 2015 - Perfect ending for the day ^^

I brought my friends to 말린다롤 Malrinda Roll Cafe for dessert after dinner.
Located on the third floor.

Sorry my pictures were really lousy....
I was so grateful that I could still get to eat their roll cake *phew
The other two types of roll cake were sold out. 
Cakes never fail to make me super happy ^^
Oh btw, we have to order at least one drink for each person. 

We ordered two cakes and this cheese cake was served as a SERVICE!!! Oh gosh!!! This really took us by surprise and we felt really pampered by the nice gesture. Not sure why they gave us this complimentary cake but we guessed it was becos we saved them the trouble of shifting us to a bigger table. The young waitress offered to get us a bigger table once its available. Although they will shift our cups, teapots and cakes for us but we thought its still quite a hassle to shift even though they will be the one doing the job. We highly recommend this cafe for its delicious cakes and friendly service. The 2 young waitresses were very helpful and always smiling. Thank you for your great service! 
말린다롤 Malrinda Roll Cafe/Bakery(circled in red) is not far from Angel Hotel ^^

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