Sunday, 3 May 2015

2 April 2015 - Stewed pork rib for dinner!

We came to 대포집 for dinner.
My friends said the soup was delicious.
I did not try it cos I think it was cooked using beef.  
We came here for this, 등갈비찜 (Stewed Pork Rib).
The taste was pretty good but the meat was not as tender as 마시찜 Masizzim
We ordered the serving size for 2 people although there were 3 of us and I think the serving was just nice ^^

BTW, they have Stewed Beef Rib as well.

란말이를 아주좋아 ^^
Nearest subway station to reach 대포집 would be Seomyeon Station, exit 7.
Angel hotel circled in red.

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