Sunday, 24 May 2015

4 April 2015 - Tasty seafood soup 해물탕 for lunch

We took the subway to Haeundae Station for seafood hotpot lunch. Unfortunately, the place we wanted to try was closed, so we walked towards Haeundae Beach to search for our seafood hotpot 해물탕. Yes! We still want to have our 해물탕!

We found this eatery by chance. It was on a small street before crossing the road to the beach. The small street was lined with two rows of eateries selling the same food, seafood hotpot ^^ No idea which one is better, we simply hoped into one with the most customers. The nearest landmark I can think of is the Busan sea life aquarium, which was a few mins walk away.
Sorry, I didn't manage to take any photos of the eatery becos we were basically rushing to get into the eatery to avoid the cold strong wind.
We thought we saw the octopus's arms moving ....
Very flavourful hot soup to warm ourselves before we braved the cold strong wind again!
There were three of us and we are not allowed to order the small pot (30000 won).
Ours was the medium size 해물탕 seafood hotpot which cost 40000.

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