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2 April 2015 - Romantic walk along Cherry Blossom Street 십리벚꽃길

Direction to the Cherry Blossom Street as mentioned in my earlier post, make a right U turn from Hwagae Bus Terminal if you are coming from the bus terminal. 
Pardon me if this map is too small. Hope it can give you a better idea of the place. The Orange circle shows the Hwagae Marketplace. The Purple circle shows the bus terminal and the Green circle shows the Cherry Blossom street(the stretch is longer than what is reflected on the map lol)
I think that was a set up for the Cherry Blossom Festival.
Honestly speaking, I am not sure whether this was the Cherry Blossom Street but the entire stretch of road was really pretty enough to be called the Cherry Blossom Street lol

Sorry for not being sorry to post these look alike pictures ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

I think I took too long to take my pictures but I blamed it on the beautiful cherry blossomㅋㅋㅋ

I have always love tea planations and these two beauties makes such a perfect combination.

Bus stop that I came across but I didn't stop to wait for the bus to 쌍계사 Ssanggyesa Temple since I did not know the bus time table.  Yeah, I planned to walk to the temple but I didn't make it in the end ㅠㅠ  I didn't take the taxi becos most taxi were occupied with passengers..
Another bus stop along the way...

I think there are about 6 bus stops to get to 쌍계사 Ssanggyesa Temple. This bus stop, "신촌" should be the fifth bus stop. I passed by this bus stop at about 2.43pm. About 2 mins after I passed by the bus stop, a bus that looked like a village bus drove past me!!! that the bus to the temple????
It was
 2.48pm and I was still 1.8km away from 쌍계사 Ssanggyesa Temple. I really hope to visit the temple but decided to turn back becos I wanted to catch the bus that departs for Busan at 4.45pm. I hope to be back again one day.
Turning back reluctantly...
화개천 Hwagae river
Told myself that I must have tea at a teahouse before going back to Busan! 

The menu provides picture and description of the tea.
Errmmm....Though I cannot understand ㅋㅋㅋ 

Very nice tea.
I made the right choice ^^
Waiting area for the bus.
The ticket counter was inside the minimart.
That's the ticket counter.

My bus ticket back to Busan. 
Good bye Hwagae. Such a beautiful place despite the gloomy weather.
Don't remember when I was given this. Probably on the bus...The bus bound for Busan arrived at 4.51pm instead of 4.45pm and drove off at 4.56pm. It was still raining when I left Hwagae. The bus reached Hadong bus terminal at 5.30pm and drove off at 5.35pm. Reached Gon Yang Terminal 곤양공용터미널 at 6.02pm and drove off at 6.05pm. The bus did not stop for any toilet break for the return trip, which I thought was good ㅋㅋㅋ I reached Seobu bus terminal at 7.28pm. Took the subway from Sasang station at 7.36pm to meet my friends for dinner at Seomyeon. The subway reached Seomyeon Station at 7.51pm and reached Jeonpo Station at 7.53pm.

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