Monday, 1 June 2015

6 April 2015 - My air bnb apartment in Hongdae

   My accommodation in Seoul for this trip was booked from air bnb. My host, Jisu fetched me from   Hongdae station, exit 2 to her apartment which was about 2 mins walk away.
Having an elevator in the building is so important to me.
It is one of my top criteria when I looked for my accommodation.
Bright and clean passage way.
First impression of the apartment?
Clean and homely.
Jisu told me she used to stay here and only moved out few months ago.
No wonder....  
This cabinet is actually a kitchen area.

Jisu did not have any wardrobe but only that cloth rack in the picture.
It was enough for my short stay.
I liked this corner ^^
I feel Jisu is a very thoughtful person from the toiletries provided.

Airport limousine bus stop is in front of the apartment.
I still prefer taking the AREX to & fro airport becos its cheaper and faster, although its a long walk from the AREX exit to reach Jisu's apartment. The bus to Ganghwa Island is also in front of the apartment. I think there are a lot of air bnb apartments in this building and the rent is pretty high due to the location. What I like to do is, I will always look out for new openings becos the host will usually offer a promotional price for maybe the first month. 
Main street of Hongdae is just across the road. 
The trash area is at the basement.
One can make use of these recycle bags by carrying down your bottles, trash etc to the trash area.
This makes it a lot easier if you have many things to throw.

Yup, it looks like this when you open up the cabinet.

Chocolates as welcome gift ^^
Jisu showed me where to throw my trash.
There is no washing machine in the apartment.
Washing machines and dryers are located at the basement of the building.
You can use them at a small fees.


  1. hi.. do you mind giving me the link to this apartment? thanks in advance :)

    1. Hi Sya, here's the link