Monday, 1 June 2015

6 April 2015 - Gamjatang for dinner!!!

I met up with my 2 friends for dinner at 이대조 뼈다귀.
The eatery was located behind my apartment ^^
Good that they have serving for one person!
Wonder if this place is really open for 24 hours.
It will be awesome if its open 24 hours.
I hope to be back again to try their steamed pork bone with soy sauce.
I think this dish is something like stewed pork.
Btw, this menu with English translation was pasted outside the eatery.
I didn't notice any menu in English translation inside the eatery.
This menu in Korean was inside the eatery.
Floor seatings only.
I think ours was the medium size becos we had three people and not allowed to order small.
I think so...but I can't really recall. 
Love to see the soup boiling ^^

We ordered one packet of ramyeon(1000 won) as well ^^

Medium portion was just nice for three people who were not super hungry. You can also add 당면(Dang myeong ie Korean rice noodle aka Dong Fen) or 수제비 (Sujebi ie big noodle pieces aka Mee Hoon Kueh in Hokkien) for 2000 won each.
Of course, how can we not order fried rice, 볶음밥 (2000won). We requested for two bowls of rice instead of three. It was our first time to see 깻잎 Perilla leaves being added into fried rice. Perilla leaves are known for its strong smell, which was ok for me and one of my friend. I felt adding Perilla leaves adds a stonger flavour to the fried rice. I liked it a lot and tried the same recipe when I came back to Singapore. My family except my brother loved the taste ㅋㅋㅋ
Nearest subway station is Hongik Univ Station, exit 2.

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