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8 April 2015 - Lovely cherry blossom walking trail at Geumcheon-gu

Ham & cheese muffin from Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast before heading out to Geumcheon-gu for more cherry blossom.
I took the subway to Geumcheon-gu Office station after my breakfast.
 There is only one exit (if I am not wrong).
Took the stairs up.

Cross the bridge.
See those cherry blossoms?  
I did not walk over to check it out.
Will I regret in future if I did not check out that place??!
I didn't walk over to check it out but instead, I took the walking trail right under this bridge as shown in the picture. 

I continued to walk straight until I saw this slope.
I chose to take the slope up instead of walking straight down along the river.
Yay!  More cherry blossoms ^^

I kept on walking straight until I saw this bridge.
I think I saw Doksan Station on my far right (not shown here) but I'm not sure.
Yup, my plan was to walk from Geumcheon-gu Office Station to Gasan Digital Complex Station.
From the bridge, I saw more cherry blossoms ^^

So I guess those Cherry Blossoms are referring to Anyangcheon Cherry Blossom Street?
Pick up my pace to Anyangcheon Cherry Blossom Street ^^ 
Hmm...Maybe it will be the same if I have just simply walk straight along the river lol
The red arrow indicates 
Geumcheon-gu Office station.
The purple arrow indicates Doksan Station.
The blue arrow indicates Gasan Digital Complex Station.

Anyangcheon Cherry Blossom Street is actually still quite a distance away from Gasan Digital Complex Station.
Maybe about 15-20mins walk??

I guess this is Anyangcheon Cherry Blossom Street...I guess lol
You may want to stop reading this post as its going to be another cherry blossom walking trail ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ I have been to quite a few cherry blossom walking trails but I still can't get enough of them!! Cos its just so relaxing and peaceful to take a stroll under the beautiful pink canopy in this cool weather ^^

You will see this junction at the end of the trail.
This will be the beginning of the Cherry Blossom walking trail if you are coming from Gasan Digital Complex Station.
Its some walking distance to Gasan Digital Complex Station.
I saw the station at last lol
Yay ^^
Actually, I enjoyed all the walking becos I get a feel of the neighbourhood ^^
This mall is called Lion's Mall.
The station exit is right in front of it.
I briefly check out the building.
Nothing much unless I have missed out something good lol

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