Sunday, 7 June 2015

8 April 2015 - BBQ on pebblestone

Dinner time!
Met up with my friends at Hongik Univ Station, exit 8 for BBQ dinner at 돼지저금통.
Took us about 3 mins from exit 8 to reach here.
This is how the place looks like during the day.
돼지저금통 is the second BBQ store at the corner if you are coming from the main shopping area/exit 8. You will see a BBQ store at the corner first(as shown by the green arrow) and 돼지저금통 is next to it. The first BBQ store is always packed as well. We went to the first BBQ store thinking that it was 돼지저금통 but the menu did not have the pebblestone BBQ (소긍구이 Salted Grilled Pork Meat) that I wanted. Hence, I asked the lady boss who was not being honest with us...she told us we were in the right place and her food was nice as well ....hmmm....We left of course. The map I had was not very clear. Maybe I looked lost lol. An ahjussi was standing beside me offered his help by asking me where I wanted to go. I showed him the map and he directed me to the correct BBQ store. Not only that, while we were waiting for our food, this kind ahjussi popped by to make sure that we got to the correct place! So touched. And yes! I remembered him!! He was the ahjussi from 재벌!!  재벌 was another homely eatery in Hongdae which I like to go! 정말 감사합니다, 아저씨!! I hope to visit your eatery soon!
Menu from 돼지저금통.
The place was fully packed!!
We were the only non Koreans ^^
I was surprised to see Amethyst stones inside the drinking water!

The meat was actually semi cooked at the kitchen before they bring it to us...  

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