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6 April 2015 - Lunch at 조선김밥

Making my way to eat hotteok ^^ 
I ate the honey hotteok from Samcheongdong Hotteok in my previous trip, so I am back to try the veggie hotteok ^^
Always walking along this stoned wall pavement.
Turn to your right when you saw this ramyeon eatery with red signage.
Yay!  No queue ^^
Very nice!!!
진짜 맛있다 ^^

I prefer this to the honey hotteok cos its like eating 잡채 jap chae and I love jap chae ㅋㅋㅋ 
People who dislikes onions may not like this cos there's a lot of onions.
Well, I find that Korean onions are more crunchy and sweet, so its ok for me.
Next, I walked over to 조선김밥 for lunch. 
Finally, I find time to come here! 
The food and ambience were the reasons why I came here.
I always love small eatery like this ^^
You can either take the window seats or those floor seats. 

They placed their money at the doorway, which is so visible to everyone!
Simple menu and only in Korean.

I think noodles used are those noodles used in bibim guksu, so you can't take too long to take pictures lol Cos this kind of noodles tend to turn soggy easily when cooked. The soup was rather unique. It does not taste like the usual soup base but the lady working in the eatery said they do use doenjang to cook the soup. I will be back to try their Kimbap on my next visit!!

Anguk Station, exit 1 is the nearest station to 조선김밥.
However, I will usually walk from Insadong main street, cross the road to get to the stoned wall pavement.  
라면 땡기는 날 (the ramyeon eatery with red signage) is circled in Red and 삼청동호떡 Samcheongdong Hotteok is circled in Blue. Both are not far from 조선김밥. The orange dotted line was the route I took to 조선김밥.  I think there is no short cut from 삼청동호떡 Samcheongdong Hotteok to reach 조선김밥. 
Operating hour of 조선김밥 (if I did not misinterpret the staff) as follows:
- Open everyday except Sunday
- 11am ~7.30pm
- Close for break time 2.30pm ~ 4.30pm

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