Sunday, 7 June 2015

8 April 2015 - Rainbow cake from Dore Dore

I took the subway to Sinsa Station, exit 8 for my lunch at 도레도레 Dore Dore after a beautiful morning walk ^^
So happy that I finally make it to this place!

I wished I can eat two slices of cakes!!

I finally get to taste this rainbow cake ^^
Rainbow cakes basically makes one happy becos of its vibrant colors.
And I am so grateful to have this item off my bucket list!

I love cakes that are moist and the texture of this cake was not dry ^^
I think they used cream cheese instead of fresh cream and this largely contributes to the yummy taste of the cake.
The cake will not score any point from me without the cream cheese.
Not forgetting my 레드베리 
Red Berry drink, which I liked it a lot as well.
I got to give this rainbow cake a zoom in!
Super duper fattening to finish it all by myself!
I think one slice like this, is just nice to be shared by two people.
The dotted line shows the route I took from Sinsa Station, exit 8.
It took me about 6 mins to reach the cafe.
Very easy to locate ^^

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