Sunday, 8 November 2015

14 Oct 2015 - Cheap and good hair cut at Chop Hair Salon

I walked around aimlessly looking for a hair salon.
There are many hair salons in Hongdae and Sangsu but I don't want those big hair salons.
Spotted this one at Sangsu and settled for it. 
A hair cut is only 17000won!!

So cheap??
Treatment for my length is either 55,000won or 80,000won.
So cheap???
80,000 is a better treatment and I decided to go for this.
Personally, I feel this is cheap as compared to Juno.
Super satisfied with the end result.
All my friends said the hair cut was nice.
I like the way my hairstylist, 미호cut my hair.
She was very attentive and serious with her work.
The hair stylists and staff do not know/speak much English.
I just tell my hair stylist to layer my hair and I let her "exercise" her skills based on what she feel would suits me best.
They have lockers and drinks for their customers as well.
I like my hair cut from this hair salon much more than the one I had in Juno.
This is cheap and good lol

BTW, I think they do not accept foreign credit card.
I don't know why.  

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