Tuesday, 10 November 2015

15 Oct 2015 - Finally I get to taste

Self cooked breakfast of kimchi spam fried rice ^^
I will never get tired of this  ㅋㅋㅋ
It just tasted so so delicious whenever I cooked this in Korea.
No seasoning is required.
Happy Korean boys eating their cream buns.
If you remember, I mentioned about this place before at 만나역 [신촌].
It was always long queue whenever I passed by.
So surprised to see there were no queue at all.
Decided to get one bun even though I was not hungry at all.
Ready packed buns.
I had the opportunity to take this picture becos the staff was talking on the phone..
They should have keep the English translation and include English translation for the ingredients..

I chose Tiramoon flavour becos there's cream cheese in it  ^^
It was nice but nothing special or fantastic.
I am not sure why there's always queue for it..


  1. yay ~ finally u get to try it. i remember back then you were so excited and end up the place close

    1. Ya I finally got my hands on this lol