Sunday, 15 November 2015

16 Oct 2015 - Pork Jjigae for dinner

Dinner time!

I went for "2 chillies".
Wanted to order spam as well but decided to gave it a miss ㅠㅠ
Star shaped egg and free flow of seaweed  ^^
Spicy shiok!!
I chose level 2 for my spicy level. It was really spicy...but sooo delicious!! The meat was not tender but not surprising becos so far, all the pork jjigae that I have tried was not tender as well. Nevertheless, it was a really delicious meal. The gravy with rice was an awesome combination ^^ On a side note, I went to Masizzim(Singapore) last Saturday and opted for spicy level 2. It was not spicy at all to me.... I guess I can't use my experience in Korea as a benchmark for the Korean restaurant in Singapore.
Nearest station is Hongik Univ Station, exit 8.
The map I had was inaccurate but if I did not remember wrongly, 밥장인 was located somewhere along the stretch as shown on the map.

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