Sunday, 1 November 2015

Always happy to see you again.

Met up with 재영 last nite. Brought him to Melben at Toa Payoh for his favourite local food, salted egg crabs.
We reached around 6.35pm. There was no queue and a few empty tables which surprised me cos my friends warned me about the long queue. I realised it was Halloween and brought him or rather he brought me to Clark Quay to experience Halloween celebration in SG. It was always great to spend time with him. 

Gifts from 재영. Words cannot express how much I appreciated his kind words. Becos he is not the type to subscribe these kind of magazines/books but he subscribed to give them to me. I really like them a lot and I mean it. 재영아, I will treasure them well.  I am really happy to see you again.  Hahah can I say 여행 잘 다녀와??  잘 지내 ^^

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