Monday, 30 November 2015

19 Oct 2015 - Breakfast at Bread Comma

My day starts with brunch at Bread Comma 빵 콤마, which was just 2 mins away from my apartment.
Had been eyeing at this place for at least a year...from the beginning when they started renovation till now ㅋㅋㅋ
I get pissed and confused whenever a place does not provide a clear opening hour...
I asked the staff what time does the cafe open.
She replied,"10.30am" but it wasn't really the case when I dropped by the cafe again on the following day...
I chose Potato Bacon Padana Panini (7300 won).
And Bori Bori Latte 보리보리라떼 (6000won).
I think its something like roasted grains latte.
Feel free to correct me if I am wrong ^^
Think most of the bread were not ready?
It was about 11am when I reached here.
I overheard fellow Singaporeans sitting at the table next to me lol

I think my Potato Bacon Padana Panini was a bit expensive but this was the most crispy panini that I have ever ate. Crispy on the outside but not tough at all!! It was nice! I made the right choice to chose bori bori latte.  Super yummy and tasted healthy ^^ 
It would be nice to enjoy a cup of tea in this outdoor seating area ^^
Nearest subway station is Hongik Univ Station, exit 3.
It will take less than 3 mins by foot.
I love Yeonnam-dong becos it feels homely, peaceful, yet unique. I love the neighbourhood even more after they turned this area into a mini park. In the evening, you can see Koreans sitting on the ground chatting, having picnic with friends or their loved ones, young people playing guitars etc. Hmm, I really like this ambience ^^

Arghhhh...I miss so much.....

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