Tuesday, 10 November 2015

15 Oct 2015 - 치맥 by the river

After shopping, I went to 맘스터치 Mom's Touch at Gubanpo to grab some fried chicken.
It takes about 5 mins from Gubanpo station, exit 3 to reach 맘스터치 Mom's Touch.
Yeap. Thereafter, I went back to my favourite place in Seoul.
This place will always hold a special meaning in my heart.
I dunno when I will be back again...seriously.
Enjoying 치맥 by the river.
I decided to take a bus from this bus stop back to my apartment.
Taking a bus from here is more convenient and faster than taking the subway. 
Some Sevit is opposite the bus stop as shown by the arrow.
Bus stop is called Banpo Hangang Park.
I got off at Donggyodong Samgeori bus stop.
 It was also the same bus stop which I took bus to Ansan during my Spring trip.  

Oh!! I forgot what bus number I took...
Only one bus from Banpo Hangang Park stop I think..
Oh dear..I also forgot to note the duration of the bus journey...
Maybe around 35mins??
The bus also passed by Sinchon.

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