Saturday, 4 January 2020

5 April 2018 - Carrot cake at 구좌상회

So from Cereal Bowl, I walked 1 min to my next cafe.
Here is it.
Came here becos many people said this cafe offers the best carrot cake in Jeju.

So lovely ^^
Actually the place was fully packed when I was here but I quickly snapped a shot right after they cleared the table.
Oh boy.....these looks good!
But I have to save my tummy for their popular carrot cake.

They managed to get me a table at this corner ^^
고마워요 ^^
Lovely pot of Earl Grey tea with carrot cake.
Little carrot is so cute!
Personally, I think this carrot cake was over rated or maybe my expectation was too high.

Overall, it still feels good to try it.
Earl Grey tea at 5000won.
Carrot cake at 6000won.

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