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5 April 2018 - 전복해물뚝배기for dinner

From the Canola flower fields at Gwangchigi Beach 광치기해변, I walked less than 20mins to reach the place for my dinner.
Here's the place, 제주뚝배기.
There were other 
restaurants in this area.
I came here becos the restaurant's name appeals to me hahahaha

I ordered 전복해물뚝배기 Abalone Seafood hotpot ^^
Abalone Seafood hotpot is common in Jeju & no matter how many times I eat it, I still love it lots!
Hmmmmm this was not as tasty as I had expected but I was very contented ^^

Finished my dinner and making my way to the bus stop to head home.
That's 성산 일출봉 
Seongsan Ilchulbong (Sunrise Peak) ^^
I took bus no. 212 from this bus stop, "성산리입 Seongsan-ri Entrance" at 6.15pm back to Jeju Bus Terminal.
Reached Jeju Bus Terminal at 7.36pm.
Got on bus no. 202 at 7.39pm for my airbnb.
Reached the bus stop for my airbnb at 7.58pm.

A closer look

Usually from what I observed, Koreans will throw their own rubbish into a plastic bag.
This is obviously for tourists.

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