Saturday, 4 January 2020

5 April 2018 - Enjoying the walk along the coast of Woljeongri Beach

So from the carrot cake cafe, 구좌상회, I walked to 월정리 카페거리 Woljeongri café street.
I didn't check out any cafe here cos I was too full.
My aim was to enjoy the coastal walk to my next destination.
Ermmm....which was another cafe.
About 24mins walk.
It was drizzling but its ok.
Why do they look like sharks to me?
Surfers hahahaha
I love the chairs along the coast!
So Jeju!

Those looks like some resorts/cafes with spa for you to soak your foot as you enjoy the seaview.
I dunno, it did not seems to be in operation yet.

So I just walk along the coast, which I really really enjoy.

This was the route I took.
I took more than 24 mins becos of all the photo taking lol

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