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5 April 2018 - My pretty breakfast ^^

Morning view from my airbnb ^^
I really enjoy the sound of the waves and that was the reason why I chose to stay by the sea.
I took bus no. 202 at 9.40am from my airbnb to Jeju Bus Terminal.
Reached the terminal at 10.14am and got on bus no. 201 at 10.21am.
I got off at ”월정리 Woljeong-ri" at 11.26am.

I crossed the road and walked towards the Woljeongri Beach but I was not going to the beach yet.
I need my breakfast first!
The cafe I wanted to go was about 10mins walk from the bus stop.
The red dotted line by the coast is Woljeong-ri beach and the stretch was lined with cafes and restaurants.
Not really a super long stretch but good enough.
There were also some small shops selling souvenirs.
I think this stretch is also known as 월정리 카페거리 Wonjeori café street
Crossing the road and walked towards the beach.
This was the cafe I wanted to check out.
Reached here after 10mins of walking.
It was raining quite heavily ㅠㅠ
It does not sound right to be at the beach on a raining day isn't it??
No choice and I will not let the rain spoil my day.

Looks more like a residential than a cafe. 

Another "room" in the cafe. 

I like this wall ^^
This was what drew me to this cafe, 너는 파라다이스 길리 Cereal bowl.
I think they offered 3 different types of color.
I ordered this, which was the green bowl, 시긍치 8500won. 
A bit expensive cos it was not a big bowl. 
The bowl was quite shallow I find hahahah
Cos I have huge appetite for breakfast.
I loved the fresh carrot juice lots ^^ 
I think I like my carrot juice more than the bowl hahahaa
My airbnb offered to look through my itinerary when I first arrived.
She said all the places on my itinerary were mostly on SNS but not necessarily really tasty cos she knew it too well.
I believed her ;p
This place was instagrammable to her hahahaha
As you can see, the presentation looks pretty, isn't it?
But no regrets coming here cos I like little decors like this.
I love how they pay attention to the little things that makes a difference to the food and ambience ^^

너무 예뻐 맞죠?

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