Wednesday, 26 October 2011

10 Oct 2011 - Can't believe I've reached Incheon Airport!

I've reached!!  I reached Incheon Airport at about 6am..

Went to buy my T money from the convenient store ^^
The limo bus service is at the same level of arrival.  My limo bus to Ibis Myeong dong is 6015. Do not stand here to wait for your bus.  Look for the number stand and queue behind the stand.  I didn't know about this but the uncle was very nice.  He asked me, "어디가?"  so I told him, "Myeongdong".  He helped me with my luggage to where I was supposed to wait for my bus. 아저씨, 정말 고마워요 ^^

This is where you should queue up.


Its good to count your stop.  The fare is only KRW10,000.  You can pay by cash or using T money.


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