Wednesday, 26 October 2011

11 Oct 2011 - Getting to Bongeunsa Temple

Euljiro 1(il)-ga station, exit 6 is the nearest to my hotel. Just a 5 mins walk.  Metro hotel is even nearer.  Although Euljiro 1(il)-ga is the nearest for me but I will usually alight at Myeongdong station and walk along Myeongdong shopping  street to my hotel. I will alight at Euljiro 1(il) station if I am really tired. 
Anyway, back to my itinerary for the day. Hmmm....I got off at the wrong station  ㅠㅠ   Got off at Seolleung instead of Samseong station. Being a typical Gemini, I am the type who gets distracted very easily.  I was looking at the Koreans in the subway and did not notice the stops. After getting off at Seolleung station, I realised something was not right. I asked an uncle for directions to Assem Tower because Bongeunsa Temple is just nearby the Tower.  The uncle did not knew where is Assem Tower but he was very kind and offered to walk me back to Seolleung station. Hmm...actually I did not need him to walk me back to the station but I guessed he felt that it would be easier for me to pick up where I started.  I told him I could get back to the station on my own but he insisted to walk me to the station.  아저씨, 정말 고마워요 ^^          
I decided to take a slow walk to Samseong from Seolleung Station instead of taking the subway, since it is just a station away.  Walking enable me to see more things, isn't it ^^  Along the way,  I saw this slope....Omg!  I got a shock when I saw it from across the road. Mind you...there were really people using it to walk up and down!!!  Will any cyclist use this slope?

After walking for a while, I began to wonder if walking was a bad decision because it seemed to be at least a 20 mins walk.  I finally understood why the uncle was unable to direct me. Assem Tower was too far away for him to give me specific directions!  Hahahaa

Actually, 20 mins of walking is fine with me if I knew I am walking in the correct direction.  I asked young Koreans along the way for directions...
 Walking and walking....

Finally....I saw Samseong station. 
 If I have got off at Samseong, this will be what I see when I come out from exit 6. 

It was before noon and I saw groups of white collar workers outside the building.  
This is common for smoking breaks in Korea. Assem Tower....
After passing the Assem Tower, follow the curve path which will veer to the left. 
Walk a few more mins and you can see the temple across the road. 
 I realised Autumn can be hot after all.

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