Wednesday, 26 October 2011

10 Oct 2011 - Exploring Myeongdong

I have no idea who she was but there were many people snapping pictures of her..I was subsequently told by Kim that she is Shin Bong Sun, a comedian.

Seon Young told me the wording is wrong... Oopss...

계란 빵!  계란 빵 is direct translation of egg bread!  
They sure look good but there is no space for my stomach at that moment...
I think the people working here are very hardworking! 
 I noticed they are the earliest to open their stall every morning.
They are already setting up their stall before 8am!


Ahhh...this is yummy! Something like satay but this is a longer version. As you eat it, you use the scissors at the stall to cut away the stick.  I think there is sauce to go with this at the stall.  Anyway, Korean usually eat this by standing at the stall but I ate my "satay" as I walked Myeongdong street! I am still used to our satay's method...
Judging from the way I am eating this, everyone will know I am a foreigner!  ㅎㅎㅎ

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