Sunday, 30 October 2011

13 Oct 2011 - Leisure walk around ilsan Lake Park

There were quite a number of cafes, restaurants and museums in Heyri Art Village.  However, not every place is open daily.  If you have any particular place to visit, you may want to check further on its operating days and hours.  After driving around Heyri Art Village for a while, we decided its time to go over to the nearby ilsan Lake Park. By the way, parking charges at ilsan Park was not expensive at all but I can't remember the exact charges. 

Ilsan Lake Park is big! This trip to Seoul has made me realised that there are so many nice and beautiful parks in Seoul. 

I think its nice to come here with your love ones.  The weather and surrounding is so nice for a walk and even family outings.  

Surprisingly, the water was clear  ^^

Did I say I took a lot of pictures of trees??  맞아  That's right  ^^

It was nice sitting here.

PET is the abbreviation for Polyethylen-terephthalat, which is commonly used as a raw material for making packaging materials such as bottles and containers. Examples include soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, detergents, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products and edible oil. I am so silly to tell Jae that this label gave me the impression that one can throw their pets inside 바보 ㅠㅠ 
Hmmm...I think this word is not commonly used in Singapore. Are we using labels like, "Papers", "Plastic", "Metals" ??? Well, at least I learnt something.

The park is big and we decided to take a bus back to the car park by crossing an overhead bridge to get to the opposite side. However, we were not too sure when is the next bus coming, we took a taxi instead. I think the taxi fare was less than SGD $3.

 Steep slopes again! 

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