Monday, 31 October 2011

14 Oct 2011 - Quick visit to Itaewon underground market on a raining day

First stop for the day was to check out Itaewon Underground Market.  I'm not really into Itaewon because there are many foreigners.  I prefer places with mainly Korean...bias?   Yap.  I am but I don't care.  
There was a foreigner who approached me with a piece of paper bearing the word, "Subway" and   "지하철".   This reminded me of myself!!  I did that too  ㅎㅎㅎ   It comes in very handy to write down the names of the places you wanted to go in hangul. 
Till now, I still don't understand why I replied that foreigner in Korean, "지하철?"   He nodded and walked towards the direction that I pointed out to him. 

I walked straight after I came out from Itaewon station, exit 4.  Somehow I did not follow my map and wondered off the track by turning to my left and walked down this lane....

 and saw this alley....

Not long after...I saw this blue sign board on my right.  I still arrive at my destination after all  ㅎㅎㅎ

If I had followed my map, I will see this yellow sign board instead.  The route on my map was to walk straight for less then 10 mins from exit 4 of Itaewon Station.  You will see this big yellow sign board on the left, just before the second bus stop. 
I think there are two levels in the underground market.  I entered from the lower level and exited from the second level which is this entrance that has this yellow sign board.

Steep staircase is common. 

Its steep but I wanted to check out what's down there...

Jo In-sung 조인성!!!   This was my first encounter with "him" at the subway station  ^^  So happy that he was finally out from military service!!   He has so many commercial ads  ^^  Can't wait to watch his drama and movie once again! 

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