Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Home sick Home...

I am sad...I miss Korea...I miss Korean food...
Woke up this morning and was not used to my own bedroom for a while when I opened my eyes...
I remembered when I was walking towards the gate to board OZ752 to Incheon airport, I did not feel excited, neither do I feel scared. In fact, I felt stoned, can't believed that I am really going to Korea on my own.  For the first time, I don't miss home at all. Well, I only miss someone from Korea when I was in Korea..Hazzz....

All my friends asked me,"How? Was it fun? When are you coming back?"
Ahhhh....I really hate this question!!!!   My reply is always, "I'm not coming back..."
"Was it fun?" Well, how should I put it?  I wouldn't use the word "Fun" because I enjoyed travelling around in Korea like what a normal Korean does. I don't know why, but Koreans and foreigners approached me for directions. I really felt so apologetic for not being able to help them.  Actually, I loved the transportation system in Korea. There are so many stairs and linkways to travel from one line to another. When I first study about the subway lines, I got giddy because they looked so complicated to me. After trying out their online system, I don't feel so intimidated anymore.  Nevertheless, I still felt a bit lost in using the subways during my first two days in Seoul. As days went by, I started to love it! Moving around with mainly Koreans around me, made me feel that I am one of them.  Hur Hur
Although I ate a lot when I was in Korea, using the stairs in the subway stations really really helped me to maintain my weight. Despite my good appetite, I did not put on weight but gained a pair of slimmer thighs!  Credit goes to using the staircases and all the slopes. I have never ever walked so much in my whole life in Singapore until I came to Korea. It is really a good form of exercise. Actually, I felt quite ashamed of myself because all the Koreans seem to be taking the stairs at a faster speed than me!
Jae said I should at least start brisk walking everyday when I returned to Singapore. Hmm....I think I did a lot of brisk walking during the days when I am always late for work!! HahahaaAnyway, when the plane touched down at Incheon airport, I can feel myself smiling from ear to ear all the way to my hotel. I could not help it at all! I was so so sooo happy to be in Korea! Hangul is everywhere. People are speaking Korean everywhere. Although I do not understand the language well but I just love it. I did not feel scared at all. In fact, I was glad that it 'forced' me to practise reading hangul! Korea makes me feel at home ^^
And yes, listening to Korean songs in Korea felt so different when I listen to them in Singapore..On my way to the hotel, I saw green leaves everywhere. Yeah...I was a bit disappointed because I wanted to see the Autumn foliage so much. I guessed I was a bit early 괜찮아요 Its ok, as long as I am in Korea ^^
I met many nice Koreans during my trip. They were surprised that I am travelling alone for 17 days. They asked if I encountered any language problems travelling in Korea. Of course! 상관 없어!!! I don't care. I don't want to think about the problem and got worried over it. I just wanna fulfill my dream. Doing a lot of research helped a lot a lot. Of course, understanding simple Korean and Hangul definitely helps. I am not the type who follows details.  Although I have listed out my detailed itineraries, but I did not follow them much. I loved going to details but when it comes to the actual thing, I don't like to follow strictly. There were times when I get lost but I don't know why, I did not feel scared at all. I just keep on walking based on my gut feel. I am usually 95% on the right track..hahahaa...lucky me ㅎㅎㅎ
Reading a lot of information on Korea helped me a lot. Even if I am lost, I knew I am somewhere in the vicinity based on my memories of what I had read.
If I really wanted directions, I will approach the young students. They will be most happy and excited to help you because they wanted to practise speaking English as well ^^
I took a lot of pictures and it will take me quite a while to post up my sharing of this trip.

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