Thursday, 9 August 2012

18 April 2012 - Checking out Chungmuro pet street

I took the subway to Chungmuro, exit 1.  Walk straight from exit 1.

Caught sight of cherry blossom as I crossed the road. Quickly pressed my shuttle button and moved on.  That explained why my picture is blur...

Walk straight and you will pass by this petrol station.

This was the first pet shop that I saw.  It took me about 5 mins from exit 1 to reach here.

Doggies ^^

모!  오모!!  This dog is really big and thin.
My picture doesn't reflect its actual size but its really big. I was astounded when I saw it!

I noticed the show owner doesn't seem pleased when I took pictures, so I think I better be "automatic".

Maybe I didn't really explore the area. It is supposed to be a pet street but I saw only dogs.  

More pet shops across the road but I didn't check them out.  

World Pet 21 sounds like a building with all the pet shops dominating this building.
Feeling a bit tired, I didn't check it out as well. 

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