Monday, 13 August 2012

19 April 2012 - Last few hours in Seoul

I didn't really take a good look at the central post office in Myeongdong when I went to post my parcels.  Thus, I made a trip to the post office again before I went back to my hotel room.  I realised I took a longer route to the post office that day. Actually, the post office is about 7 mins walk from Metro Hotel.  Simply walk straight all the way.  

If you are coming from the Hoehyeon Underground Shopping Center, exit 1 & 2 would be the nearest exit to the post office.

The building is so big.

A mini supermarket nearby the post office.  I did my last minute shopping here. 

I can't recall how many bottles I drank during this trip.  I like them warm ^^

I went to my favourite shop at Euljiro 1(il)-ga station to bid goodbye to the lady boss. I have been patronising her shop since my last Autumn trip. The lady boss is a very hardworking and cheerful lady. She will always say hi to me whenever I passed by her shop, which was located at exit 5 next to the stairway. Her shop sells mainly stockings, leggings and some other small items. For the past few mornings, I saw her selling 김밥 Kimbap as well. I told her that I would be flying back to Singapore this afternoon. Guess what?  She took out a roll of Kimbap and insisted that I take it!  Oh gosh..suddenly, I felt my eyes wet. I was lost for words becos I never expect such kindness from people whom I hardly know. The lady boss and I could hardly communicate and it was always the "Chicken and Duck situation" for us. However, she is always so warm hearted and that really makes me feel at home.  Yes, I will visit her again on my next trip and I'm gonna get her something from sunny island, Singapore on my next trip.
A thought arised.  How am I going to finish the Kimbap???  I didn't want to waste it but I was too full to eat anything!!  The Kimbap may not taste as good by the time I reach Singapore. I went back to my hotel room and made myself a cup of hot green tea.  Yup, I ate it.  The Kimbap was so delicious and it still feels warm!  This was the most yummy Kimbap that I ever ate.  Every bite reminds me of the lady boss's kindness and effort to make this Kimbap.

I took my time to finish it, enjoying every bite that I took. I finished the entire roll of Kimbap.  Can you recall how much food I ate for the past three hours?  Yes, no more food for me for the rest of the day. *Burp
*Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

Any idea what is this??  Does it looks like a frozen chicken to you?  Well, it was actually the garlic which I bought from Namdaemun Market.  Very well wrapped, isn't it?  It costs only KRW5000 for this amount of 250g. Cheap!

Sob sob...its time to take the limousine bus to Incheon Airport.
Boarded the limousine bus at 12.10pm.
I like Metro Hotel for its proximity to subway station and Myeongdong.
Staff were very friendly and helpful.
However, I find that housekeeping at Elysee Hotel(Busan) was better than Metro Hotel.

Passed by Yeouido and National Assembly.  It was at this very moment that I realised I have not seen the beautiful Cherry Blossom behind National Assembly.  I thought I went but I didn't. Any regrets?  Well, I wouldn't use the word "regret" but rather blessed and contented.  I have been very lucky that my eyes recovered in time to see so many beautiful things in Korea.  

OZ 751....sigh...I think I prefer OZ 752 and OZ 753.

I think this is very good practice.
Security checks for Asiana Air seemed to be stricter but I like.  


  1. Hi. That's garlic eaten as a side dish(Banchan) but Korean garlic does not have the strong stench like what we usually eat.

  2. ah i see. i always amaze how they can eat their garlic whole :P. if ours i don't think they would eat it raw.