Wednesday, 8 August 2012

18 April 2012 - Getting to 창경궁 Changgyeonggung

I took the subway from Seoul Grand Park station to Hyehwa station, exit 4 for 창경궁 Changgyeonggung. I am not very interested in ancient palaces, so I didn't visit any palaces during my previous trip. However, this time was an exception becos Changgyeonggung was mentioned as one of the recommended places in Seoul to view cherry blossoms.  From Hyehwa station exit 4, turn to your 10 o'clock direction and you will see CGV ahead.  Continue to walk straight.  You will pass by BODYSHOP after CGV.

Walk straight all the way and you will see Watsons at the corner.

Continue to walk straight and you will see Family Mart on the left

Thereafter, you will see Hollys Cofffee and the signage to 창경궁 Changgyeonggung. It took me less than 10 mins from exit 4 to reach here.  Continue to walk straight. 

I saw Seoul National Science Museum across the road.

At last, I saw Changgyeonggung across the road.  It was beside Seoul National Science Museum.

Well, the journey doesn't end here!  Visitors need to enter by the main entrance..

Another 200m to go.

Ah! I saw another couple taking their wedding photographs.  Beautiful Spring ^^ 

Walking towards the main entrance..

SNU Hospital.  SNU as in Seoul National University Hospital?
 I think so. Well, it was directly opposite the main entrance of Changgyeonggung.

It will take less than 10 mins to reach here from Hollys Coffee.

Its only KRW1000 for the entrance fees!

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