Sunday, 26 August 2012

Jihye's new shop in Daegu ^^

Jihye opened her shop, Jaws Tteobokki 죠스 떡볶이 in Daegu on 24 July 2012!  축하합니다!!  Jaws Tteobokki is one of the popular Tteobokki outlets in Korea and Jihye managed to get a franchise of it. There are many Jaws Tteobokki outlets in Korea but I have yet to visit anyone of them!  Ermmm.....main reason is I don't really like Tteobokki.  Well, they don't sell only Tteobokki. There are also other traditional Korean food such as odeng, fried food etc.  Most important of all, I want to see Jihye again ^^
I was racking my brains how to get to her shop as a surprise visit without being too obvious in asking for the shop address.  Luck is on my side when she uploaded her blog Jihye's shop - Jaws Tteobokki  on FB last night!  I think the nearest subway station is Seongseo Industrial Complex station. Can't wait to visit her in Daegu! But it will only be a day trip cos I am a greedy girl!  I wanna see more of Korea....wish I could stay in Korea for good....argghhhhh!!!

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