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18 April 2012 - Trip to Seoul Grand Park

I took the subway to Seoul Grand Park, exit 2. Without a second thought, I took the stairs simply becos long stairway reminds me of the remaining hours I have in Korea. I will miss these long stairways when I am back in Singapore. I wish I can stay in Korea for good.  

The perfect weather to explore Seoul Grand Park.
Walk straight from exit 2. 

There were a few vendors selling almost the same street food along the road.

By now, I can identify the smell of 번데기 Beondegi from a distance.  번데기싫어! I don't like the smell of Beondegi at all, just like I hate the smell of jack fruit. Some people loves the smell of jack fruit but not me. I practically shun when I smell it! 


Woww...I didn't know the place is so big.
The zoo is on my right but there's some other places to check out on my left as well.

On my right...

On my left...

Cherry Blossom was the main reason why I visited Seoul Grand Park.  Yeah, I know..its already August and I am still talking about Cherry Blossom.  It feels strange, isn't it?  Yes, I'm rather slow in updating my blog this time round and I haven't really start my planning for my upcoming Autumn trip!!  Yup Yup!!  My beloved Korea, I will be going to Korea in Autumn once again. Well, it will be a short trip. Only 12 days or rather 11 days to be exact. 

I have only come up with the outline of my itinerary. Flight and accommodations all booked last month!  Woohoooo!!  I missed Korea soooo sooo much. 넌알아?

Although it is not the right season to talk about cherry blossom now but I feel very happy when I see my pictures and think about the beautiful places I have been. 

This was the first ticketing station that I came across and I thought this was where I should buy the entrance ticket for the zoo.

Again, I did not take a good look at my ticket.  I only realised I have actually bought the ticket for the sky lift when I came across another ticketing station..

Sky lift.  Yup, I wanna try it out even though I didn't know I have already bought my one way ticket for skylift!  *Blur
I simply follow the crowd, not knowing how far or how long it will take to reach the zoo from here.

I wonder what is this place.

Beautiful scenery to keep me busy along the way.  I believe it will be a beautiful walk in Spring and Autumn. 

One can also purchase a ticket for the tram if you do not wish to walk.  

The place was so beautiful and I felt like taking pictures for anyone who need me to take pictures for them! 

Woww...Nice ^^

Ermm..I began to imagine things dropping down into the lake. The net will not be able to catch your mobile phone cos the holes are too big. Fear started to creep into my bones and I started to have second thought to take the sky lift on my way back. If you have read my posts on my previous trip, you would have known I am afraid of heights! In addition, I can't swim!! 

I have seen this beautiful sight on pictures umpteen times, and its different to be here in person.  I'm thankful to be able to make it here and I loved being here!

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